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Local Delivery Service


Tired of wasting time driving all around the city to pick up your industrial supplies? We offer FREE local delivery throughout the Oklahoma City Metro Area, whether that's to your jobsite, company, residence, or other any other convenient location.

ELITE Managed Inventory


Frustrated with disorganized inventory? Elite Supply Company provides FREE custom labeled inventory management tools such as bolt bins, shelving, racking, cabinets, compartment drawers, and parts bins to help organize and maintain your industrial products you purchase from us.

We believe in doing business the old fashioned, based on your word and a handshake that you will purchase the industrial products stored with these items from us as part of our agreed upon customized inventory replenishment solution and service plan we offer these inventory management tools to our customers for FREE.

That's it. No contract to sign like the other suppliers out there. We are honest, loyal, and reliable and we believe our customers are too.

Customized Inventory Replenishment Solutions


Would you like a more efficient and organized way to manage your inventory so you don't run out of the supplies you need? We take a consultative approach and work with you to design a customized inventory replenishment solution built around your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you not only with cost savings on your industrial supplies, but to also keep those parts organized and stocked appropriately at all times.

We meet with you to learn about your business, product usage, processes, challenges, and goals. Based on what we learn about your business we can create and implement a customized organizational system and service plan tailored to your expected product usage needs.

We can monitor your inventory based your inventory for you on a regular schedule basis according to your needs and recommend replenishment amounts. Once approved by one of your company's authorized purchasers the order the order is placed, delivered, and put away by Elite Supply Company. This is also done with no additional service fees.

You can also choose to monitor your own inventory, which will now be much easier with our custom designed inventory organizational system in place. You can place orders as needed by phone or online and we can have them delivered to your specified location.

Custom Packaging / Parts Kitting


Do you need custom assemblies of fasteners or other products packaged for items you sell to your customers or use in the field? We can assemble custom parts kits sealed and packaged based on your needs. Whether it's a mounting kit, field supply kit, or anything else in between we've got you covered.

Product Sourcing


Having trouble finding a specific part or service? We are service minded problem solvers at heart. Tell us what you need and we will exhaust all of our resources to try and find it for you.

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